A New Way to Work and Travel: Miray Cruises’ Long-Term Floating Home

A New Way to Work and Travel: Miray Cruises’ Long-Term Floating Home

Experience the Ultimate Digital Nomad Lifestyle on a Cruise Ship
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A cruise ship can be a challenging place to live for an extended period. The cabins are often tiny, and the internet can be spotty, making it challenging to get any work done. However, Miray Cruises is launching a new type of vessel that addresses these issues.

The MV Gemini

Their MV Gemini ship is undergoing renovations to become a long-term floating home ideal for remote workers. The ship will embark on a journey to every continent in the fall of this year, with over 1,000 passengers aboard.

The company has made significant adaptations to the ship to meet the needs of remote workers. Along with high-speed WiFi throughout, the ship has a full-scale business center, offices, meeting rooms, and a business library and lounge. There is also a 24-hour hospital with medical visits included in the cost of the trip. Passengers will enjoy larger cabins and onboard community-building initiatives to create a more comfortable long-term experience.

Extended Stops and Exploration Opportunities

The extended nature of the journey means there will be more extended stops at various ports throughout the trip. The ship will have 208 overnight stops out of the 375 planned ports, giving guests ample time to explore onshore.

In addition to these changes, passengers can expect all of the typical cruise amenities, such as a swimming pool, wellness center, sundeck, auditorium, spa, and salon.

Experience the Ultimate Digital Nomad Lifestyle on a Cruise Ship
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The ship will travel to 135 countries, stopping at hundreds of ports along the way. It will sail along the entire coastline of South America, stop in several ports throughout the Caribbean, and then sail up the west coast of the United States before visiting Hawaii, Alaska, and Asia. The ship will also make stops in Japan and South Korea before continuing throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Finally, it will pass India, loop the entire coastline of Africa, and then make its way up to the Mediterranean and Europe.

Cruise Amenities and Itinerary

Cruise prices can range from affordable to expensive, depending on the location, amenities, and level of luxury desired. The lowest-priced room, a standard inside cabin at 130 square feet, is $30,000 per person per year. That’s approximately $2500 per month, which is lower than the average rent for major U.S. cities like Los Angeles and New York.

Pricing and Financing Options

The prices vary by cabin, with the largest being a 322-square foot balcony room at $110,000 per person for the year. The prices are more ideal for couples, but single travelers get a 15% discount off the double occupancy rate. Financing options are available, but a pretty hefty downpayment of $45,000 is required. Although the monthly rate could be enough for some to handle, the downpayment might be a dealbreaker.

Commitment and Drawbacks

The catch is that passengers are expected to commit to the entire three-year journey. Though there is an option to split the cabin with other passengers, signing on for one year or more is still a substantial commitment. Another drawback is that the Life at Sea cruise sets sail from Istanbul on November 1, 2023, giving potential passengers limited time to prepare for the trip.

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